Perspectives on Femininity ep.1

Perspectives on Femininity ep.1

Meet Stefana Bogdan. She looks at me, from across our small wooden table at Halef, with glittering hazel eyes and a contagious smile. After she finished her law studies, she started building a serious career in an established corporate law practice. Then, a little over a year ago, she made a career shift and became more business oriented. In addition to managing some legal projects, she involved in her family's business and started exploring the world of fashion styling. Her beautiful project,, created in collaboration with a close friend, takes up most of her creative space.

Our conversation revolves around a few themes that we delightfully find we have in common, even though we only met recently through a mutual friend. 

There is a topic that might sound simple, but actually it is incredibly complex and does mean different things to different people. What does femininity mean to you?

I think femininity can take the form of any role we decide to assume, for me it is not something confined to a strict definition. At the same time, I believe it also has to do with accepting the dualities within us.

You are passionate about fashion styling. How do you express yourself through what you wear?

My personal style evolves along with me. I believe that discovering your personal style, as well as connecting to your femininity, involves a constant process of self-discovery, experimentation, and play.

Regarding my stylistic choices, most of the time I start with a classic, slightly minimalist base, which I like to build upon by adding edgy, feminine, or masculine elements, depending on my mood.

We had some fun styling the Mia Ru jewellery today, thank you for trying it on. What type of jewellery do you wear most often?

My favorite pieces of jewellery are those that remind me of a certain moment or of people dear to me. In addition to these pieces with sentimental value, the principle I follow is less is more. In recent years, I have chosen jewellery made of precious metals and stones that I know will stand the test of time and will add a personal touch to any outfit.

*Stefana is wearing the beautiful Amour Medallion on the Bold Chain and the Muse Medallion on the Forzatina Chain 55cm.