Féminité Archétypale

Our first collection is inspired by the four feminine archetypes, described in 1956 by Toni Wolf, a student of C. G. Jung and an important figure in analytical psychology. We designed and created four precious medallions, cast in 14 karat solid gold, each dedicated to a feminine archetype, to the qualities it brings forward and the perspectives it offers.

The Amour Medallion, carefully cast and hand-finished with intricate details, is inspired by the Mother archetype and it symbolizes the energy of the caregiver, rooted in the essence of love, the one who cultivates connections, and sustains life.

Our Muse Medallion was born from the belief that everything is art, and everyone is an artist. Inspired by the archetype of the Hetaira, she is the one who can translate the inner world and creative inspiration into artistic form, for herself and for others.

Our Athéna Medallion is inspired by the Amazon archetype, the strategist, wise, independent, and capable of making her way in the world. The strength of a solar nature balanced with the quiet power of vulnerability.

The Inari Medallions are inspired by the Medial, the one who asks for the deeper questions and looks for the true nature of things, symbolised by the sparkling citrine, the radiant green peridot, the soft-hued pink quartz, and the deep chocolate smoky quartz.