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Our promise

An idea and a few sketches. Followed by relentless work to prepare the launch of our first collection, Féminité Archétypale. The brand was founded by Delia Mia Rotaru, after a career in business, both in corporate and entreprenorial companies. Her love of design and jewelry inspired this new journey.

“Mia Ru was born as part of a bigger quest of exploring my own creativity. My passion for art, combined with my studies in analytical psychology, gave me the courage to venture into this new territory.” The choice of starting something totally different than the career you’ve already built, can come with a lot of doubts. “We tend to think that art is set aside for the artists, that creative projects are done by creative professionals. But I do believe we are all creators, in our own unique way. Artistic expression and creativity should be a part of everyone’s life.”

Designing jewelry was a natural choice. “I’ve always found jewelry fascinating. Some of my oldest memories as a little girl are spending hours in my mother’s jewelry drawer, admiring each piece, mesmerized by their beauty. I can still remember the powdery smell, the honey-dipped glimmer of gold of her jewelry.”

It does start with something you feel is missing, something creative you want to contribute to the world. "I wanted to create jewelry that I love, jewelry that is meaningful and lasts a lifetime. I hated having so many jewelry boxes filled with pieces I only wore a few times before they tarnished. I wanted to invest in pieces that could be passed down through generations."

A brand is usually born in a single culture, but Mia Ru belongs to the world, drawing its inspiration from all the different countries it travels in. Our business is run from our main office in a beautiful historical building from 1923, in Bucharest, Romania. The exquisite gold chains are created in the heart of the gold district, in Vicenza, Italy. And our medallions are made to order in our partner jewelry atelier in India, home to talented artisans for over 40 years.